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Shitposting time with my OCs!

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if it is a crime to drink hot chocolate while having a popsicle then I am a criminal

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it's a crime against your teeth

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something that's always confused me is how white people find high cheekbones attractive but high cheekbones are mostly found on poc

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It’s Pride month babes!!! I’m gonna try to do a series of random OCs I just made up for as many identities as I can think of! I haven’t chosen a name or any traits for them, so I invite y’all to add on to my posts with who you think they are 😊

Starting off with the classic rainbow 🌈

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tpruurteh asked:

scented or non-scented soap?

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Depends! I'd want to make sure they didnt have any sensitivites and if they did to get something more gentle like goat milk and oatmeal (very good for sensitive skin) or even aloe with the coming summer!

Picking out soap for pretty ladies takes care.... it takes gentle love and listening....

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ooo! thank you. @moon ,date plan for me whenever i actually get a crush, and if i have the courage to ask said crush out. but that will probably never happen... why are emotions so weird?

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good luck out there .... and happy pride month..... 😌

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nblw and wlw who are still single this pride month raise your hands,,,

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cishets dni

eyestrain warning

i just rlly like bright colors huh

blood hot as fire

Interested in commissioning me? Find out how here.

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the Big Mood after episode 28

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i love that this website is just like a small town where everyone knows each other..yknow

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oh my god,,, duck still doesn't know

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drew some of my queer ocs in beach wear to celebrate the start of pride and summer break

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coloring is not my forte

I - I forgot how to draw- and im afraid to try again, kjhgh

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fallen humans

i drew this in february when the link's awakening remake was announced...... babie boye....

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happy pride month

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with love,

- edmund kelly chicane

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another result of a color test, this time was my drow/tiefling girl

made some lgbt eevees to celebrate pride!!

Pride month OC series: Lesbian 🌺

I’m not a lesbian, but I feel very adjacent to the lesbian community and relate to them a lot. I love all of y’all so much!

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i hate that fantasy media always seperate magic from science because oooooh theyre different consepts but if theres always been magic in the world of your story then magic would just be another school of science lest we forget that anything in chemestry and medicin was considered witchcraft before the white man figured it out

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*prays to Sappho for a strong tall girlfriend*

aurenfaie asked:

Hey there! I think that your "about" link is broken? Hovering over it just shows the main page of your blog and clicking on it refreshes the page. I didn't want to follow yet in case there's important information on it.

thanks for letting me know, there wasn't really anything important there and I don't know how to fix it so I deleted it.

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Sometimes you just hold your geef....